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Meet the Management Team

Grapple is developed by people across time zones and countries and yes, we use Grapple to collaborate with each other too.

Umesh Lalwani

CEO and Co-Founder

Previously founded and managed Assigncorp, an IT company for 15 years. The company grew to USD 13 Million a year. Umesh has a passion for understanding individual tendencies and team dynamics towards collaboration and getting things done.

Tanuj Nigam

CIO and Co-Founder

Previously worked with Bank of America as a systems architect and specialized in large scale solutions for maximum availability and interoperability. Tanuj thrives on piecing technologies together and pushing the envelope on a regular basis.

Ashish Madan

Director of Technology and Co-Founder

Previously worked with Bank of America as a Product and Technology Team Manager. Ashish makes sure that we give enough challenges to the development team at all times to keep them happy.

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