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Grapple Privacy Policy

Document updated on May 19, 2015.
Grapple is committed to protecting your privacy. Here is what we do.

Your Content While Using Grapple

Some areas of the Service allow you to post or upload information, text, graphics, or other material (“Content” or, when posted by you, “your Content”), and to share your Content with others. You retain complete ownership of your Content, Grapple will not claim ownership of your content, and Grapple will not use, reproduce, sell, or distribute your content, except to perform the Service to you and others collaborating with you on Grapple, based on your settings in Grapple. You and your collaborators that have access to the same content may do certain activities with your Content, for example, copy it, save it as PDF, modify it, re-share it, or broadcast it. Grapple has no responsibility for that activity. You understand that publishing your Content on the Service is not a substitute for registering it with the U.S. Copyright Office, the Writer’s Guild of America, or any other rights organization. Please consider carefully what you choose to share.

If you involve a person in your project and/or tasks by providing us his/her email address, we retain the email address to send an invitation to the person to collaborate with you using Grapple service.

Grapple collects anonymous information regarding general trends on task management and system usage in order to improve our product quality. If you choose to send geo-location information through your use of our smart phone apps, that information is retained in our database and is shared with your collaborators only.

If you decide to delete your Grapple account, the people that you collaborated with while using the Grapple account, will still see the content you created for their projects. Such content is only deleted if the project owner/admin deletes the project.

Signup Information

When you sign up for Grapple, we collect some basic information about you (name, email address, etc.) and your company (company name, address, etc.). This information is for account purposes only. We do not share your information with any third parties, except with our affiliates for the purpose of providing Grapple service to you and your collaborators.

By signing up for an individual or company account, you agree to Grapple's use of your company name and logo for our publications, such as, Grapple website, Grapple social platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), news article, announcement, brochure, etc. at its sole discretion.

Grapple agrees that if it desires to publish any detailed information about your company's use of Grapple in any publication, e.g., a case study of or lessons learned from your company's use of Grapple, it will get your company's express written permission before any such publication. Your company has sole discretion to agree to or deny any such request from Grapple.

Law Enforcement

Grapple will supply your information to law enforcement only after receiving a court order to do so. We will also inform you of these types of requests unless legally prohibited from doing so.


For the purpose of this document, Grapple means the software service as well as the company that owns and maintains this software service. In case of an ownership change, the data rights and privacy responsibilities will be transferred to the new ownership.

Grapple is committed to the privacy of your information and data. If you have any questions or suggestion regarding Grapple's Privacy Policy, please get in touch with us:

Assign Corporation
Attn: Grapple Privacy
200 N Maryland Blvd., Suite 204
Glendale, CA 91206
Ph: 818.247.7100
Fax: 818.247.7101